July 1-4, 2021

2PM - 5PM (PDT)

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Hive 2021: Flight Paths

A collection of performances tailored just for you. Enjoy the ride!

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How it works

HIVE 2021: Flight Paths is a collection of twelve micro-performances that take place digitally between you and an artist from your own home, phone, or neighbourhood. Audiences can participate from anywhere in the world.

This is a build your own adventure-style interactive journey, where each performance invites you to participate in a unique way. Sorted into four paths, audiences can experience a show by: Travel, Phone, Home, and Location.

The paths will reimagine live performance as they invite audience members to do the same. You may receive a call from a friendly group of experts who will assess a part of your life, follow a set of instructions to physically lead you down memory lane, or you may travel through your neighbourhood while imagining it as an ancient Persian myth.

Each performance is a maximum of 15 minutes, and attendees will be able to reserve spots for up to six performances per day from 2-5 PM PST. Attendees may mix-and-match shows from different paths or see all of a single path. We encourage you to take in all twelve performances over two or more days!

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Home path performances are designed to be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch, bedroom, or any other space that you call home.

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A Location path will guide you to a non-specific geographical location, like a body of water, or a tree, and invite you to look at the world differently from that point forward.

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The Phone path will center the use of a cell phone - it may mean receiving an intimate phone call, text message, or otherwise.

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The Travel path encourages you to navigate through any space of your choosing, such as going for a walk in your neighbourhood. This path is focused on the act of journeying, rather than the destination.

Home Shows

Door Number 9

Impulse Theatre (Andrew Barrett, Melissa Taylor, Patricia Reilly)

Impulse Theatre brings its signature blend of words, physicality, and visual aesthetic to rigorously and digitally manifest a crossing to the other side. Presented on Zoom. What were you before this? What did you bring to bargain?

Requirements: Interactive, Access to Zoom; Accessibility: D/deaf & hard of hearing friendly

The Marker of Nothing

Re:Current Theatre (Brian Postalian, Meagan Woods, Stefan Nazarevich)

Zero: the great void? Or a ring that leads back to its beginning?
Nothing will come of nothing, will it?

A limitation, an aspiration.
The fearsome emptiness, the unequivocal resolve.
A space for what is missing.

Join us.
Mark yourselves.
Become one ... no, 0.

Requirements: Interactive, Must be viewed on a Desktop/Laptop (does not work on phones/tablet), Access to Google Chrome and Webcam


Howard Dai & Pedro Chamale (Howard Dai, Pedro Chamale)

Control, escape and maybe running a little late. Tributaries will activate your thoughts while having you connect with an unknown player. Discover your new partner and ferry them on their way.

Requirements: Interactive, A smartphone with Canadian SMS/Calling & Internet access

Location Shows


Wunderdog Theatre (Jayda Novak, Shelby Bushell, Tara Pratt)

In twelve minutes, Tosh will leave the safety of the biosphere. Her crewmates should have been back by now. TOI-700d’s orbit rests in the habitable zone of a red dwarf star, but beyond that, she knows next to nothing. The camera systems are down. What lies beyond those doors is a mystery to almost everyone. Everyone but you.

Requirements: Interactive, Smartphone; Accessibility: Low-Vision Friendly

Life on Mars

Nebula Company (Amy Lee-Radigan, Mily Mumford)

Similar to a round of interplanetary chat roulette, two astronauts try to establish a connection to someone -anyone- on Earth as they are bored and stranded on the surface of Mars. After establishing a connection to the audience, due to the communication delay, they must keep their newfound acquaintances entertained for twelve minutes so they talk about what they have been doing to try and survive the last year quarantined on Mars together.

Requirements: Interactive, Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet, Access to Zoom

You Will Always Long To Return

star star theatre (Mika Laulainen, Ming Hudson)

Feeling isolated? Missing conversation? Looking for connection?
Schedule yourself a time to reconnect in nature.
Click here to book your personalized connectivity experience, now!
An interactive one-on-one experience accessible from around the globe.

Requirements: Interactive, Smartphone

Phone Shows

Follow Me

unladylike co. (Jessica Hood, Rachelle Miguel)

Your phone pings. It’s a text from an unknown number. “Are you ready?” You ask yourself the same question. “Yes”, you reply. Your phone lights up with directions, instructions, questions, messages, all leading you somewhere. Who is the person on the other end of the line? And where are they taking you? Only you can find out.

Requirements: Interactive, Smartphone, Audiences may be asked to travel

Please Hold

The Troika Collective (Aliya Griffin, Caroline Sniatynski, Manuela Sosa)

Have you been feeling out of tune lately? Are you in need of a pick-me-up? Our team of experts is standing by: with just a few simple questions, we can assess your condition and compose a personalized remedy for immediate delivery, live and direct down the line! If you're stuck on the wrong note, we have the antidote, so call today.

Requirements: Interactive, Phone; Accessibility: Low-Vision Friendly

Try Turning It On

Jess Amy Shead, Thule van den Dam, & Priyamvada Chaudhary (Jess Amy Shead, Priyamvada Chaudhary, Thule van den Dam)

Phone sex. Call Centres. Outsourced labour. How to thread a needle, and other mundane tasks.

It's night here. Where are you? Your call is important to me. You are important to me. What does it feel like? When I'm there with you. Let's do this together. Put the ends close. Are they touching? The ends should touch. Is this working? Is the thread unravelling? Try taking it off. What do you feel? Is the needle sharp? I'm here. Thread the needle. I'm here.

Requirements: Interactive, Smartphone, Zoom app; Accessibility: Low-Vision Friendly; Warning: may include implicit, not explicit, sexual content

Travel Shows

Attachment Theory Through the Lens of a Bear

Julia Siedlanowska & Matthew Horrigan (Julia Siedlanowska, Matthew Horrigan)

Attachment theory was formulated by psychiatrist John Bowlby as an evolutionary, psychological, and theological theory regarding relationships between humans. The most important tenet is that young children need to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver to foster positive social and emotional development. This exploration of attachment theory follows one anthropomorphized bear into adulthood.

Requirements: Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer; Accessibility: Closed captioning, Low-Vision Friendly

Past Down: Swords, Snakes, and Sacrifice

Little Thief Theatre (Francis Dowlatabadi, Libby Willoughby, Miranda MacDougall)

A journey into the past which explores 3 pieces of mythology from Persia, Greece, and Wales; the Shahmaran (Queen of Snakes), Iphigenia at Aulis, and the Witch of Arthurian legend- Morgan le Fay. Audiences will be randomly assigned one of the stories, which will take the form of an audio play, and with each story audience members will receive instructions that will guide them through their unique experience of the piece.

Requirements: Smartphone; Accessibility: Low-Vision Friendly; Warning: contains description of death/murder



Pomarantz Collective (Ariel Martz-Oberlander, Veronique West)

Through a collage of found and interview material, the show will explore memory as a force that can bind us to patterns but also transmit possibilities across generations. Follow along as Ariel and Veronique discuss the ripple effects of their grandparents, spoken and unspoken. Audiences will be offered an audio experience, including a detailed transcript, followed by a short messaging conversation that will connect them to the other participants.

Requirements: Smartphone, text messaging plan, data or wifi connection; Accessibility: Low vision friendly; detailed transcript; Warning: Brief reference to intergenerational trauma

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